Enemies Karaka
The Karaka resembles a bird and is the very first Enemy you will encounter unless you skip the tutorial area. Easily dispatched, the Karaka simply bounces in place. They are found sporadically throughout the tower and have no area where they appear more or less often.

They deal damage on contact.

They have only one hitpoint and can be Beheaded with the regular weapons. If attacked with the Katana of the Miffed Barbarians or the Shuriken of the Headless Brotherhood the Karaka will instead pop like a pillow filled with so many feathers. >:)

While they do not move from where they are located, they are more difficult to by pass than Deezi or Niji without killing because they are difficult to jump over. The player can run under them, but both methods of passing the Karaka require timing and can slow the player down.

Named KarakaEdit

Named Karaka have the benefit of sideways movement while they jump. This allows them to even change floors and climb stairs or small ledges.